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Circulation + Gloves Large

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I have Limited Systemic Sclerosis with secondary Raynauds disease which totally sucks...the sensitivity to cold and ulcerated fingers is a lifestyle nightmare. These amazing fingerless gloves you have created have absolutely improved my circulation by at least 25% percent. I had recently purchased a pair which had a defect ...but the incedible peeps@ Incrediwear sent me a new pair immediately!!1 Outstanding Customer Service and Products! Thank you so much for restoring my faith in people and a company that actually gives a hoot! Your ankle sport sock also rocks! Love you and your most excellent employees...will be ordering from you again! could you invent a fingered glove that has some waterproof tendencies with a reinforced gel tip to protect my sensitive fingetips?
Date Added: 05/18/2016 by Deborah Bartlett