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Incredibrace - Elbow -Size Medium

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This was purchased several years ago for my husband who was suffering with an old injury to his knee. It got better and he was no longer using it. I decided to try it for one of my legs. I have non-diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy which is getting worse and it seemed to help the numbness and pain. I bought another one, along with a pair of the crew socks and have worn them all 24 hours a day every day since.

As I lose the ability (from the advancing neuropathy) to feel my feet and legs and make them work properly, I have found this combination of the shin braces and the socks to be of great benefit. I have bought more of the braces, and also of the socks, enabling me to wash them and have an extra pair and a separate pair of socks dedicated to night time wear. I tried going without them and certainly felt the difference. They have been a real comfort, especially at night.

The unusual thing about them is that you never feel hot or cold when you are wearing them. We were in New Mexico where it is dry and very hot, also very cold, and I was never too warm or too cold. Now we are in Tennessee where it is humid and hot and they are still perfectly comfortable.
Date Added: 07/31/2015 by Amelia Lindblad